EOC Tutoring and Hands-On Learning

The EOC Summer Program has come to a close for this year. The longer summer format allowed for a lot of hands-on learning. Below are some of the activities the students participated in. Read to the end to learn about the program during the school year.

  • The students and tutors took field trips to businesses around Indiana, such 1st Source Bank and PBS.
  • The students planted a garden. To experience “garden fresh” taste, a couple of our staff members added their own home garden bounty to make salsa.
  • The students made their own news show complete with writing a script and filming different segments.
  • The program participants toured Trine University, getting a feel for what college life is like. They also visited the Innovation One center on campus.
  • Tutors led a building project that involved measuring, calculating perimeter, and learning how to use tools safely.

After-school tutoring starts back up in September 2016. It is available throughout the school year for students in 2nd grade through 12th grade. Tutors help students with homework and also incorporate some of the hands-on learning that keeps students engaged.

College Club is also available for high school students. Students prepare for the SAT/ACT, work on writing and math skills, and explore career paths, college choices, and scholarship opportunities.

Remember: When it comes time to sign up for the summer program, students in after-school tutoring are first on the list.

Our services are FREE. Do not wait until you receive the first report card of the school year to start tutoring. Call today to learn how to register with the EOC.

Field Trip: Trine University and Innovation One

Our Summer Program participants braved the summer heat for an all-day trip to Trine University and Innovation One. Some of the highlights for the students were receiving a Trine University shirt, and seeing Trine’s dorms and the 3D printer at Innovation One. Read snippets of their thank you letters below to get more details on how the students enjoyed the trip.

Field Trip: 1st Source Bank

1st Source Bank is an Indiana-based bank founded in South Bend in 1863. The EOC is glad to connect with a bank with such a long history. The Summer Program participants enjoyed their time touring one of the Fort Wayne branches and learning smart money practices.

Read their own words about their experience:

Field Trip: Sweetwater Sound

Sweetwater Sound is one of the top companies in the US that sells musical equipment and audio technology. The EOC is grateful for the opportunity to take our Summer Program participants to Sweetwater for tour of their campus. Read below some of what our students learned and enjoyed from their visit.